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What Is Loss of Use On Your Homeowners Insurance?

The recent wildfires are going to be devastating to many people. For those who have homeowner’s insurance the process of rebuilding will be eased by insurance payments to help during the recovery process.

Many people think that all insurance policies are alike and there is no need to understand the different kinds of coverage afforded by different types of policies.  As professional agents, our job is to help our clients understand how the coverage we recommend can affect their risks and actually help them in the event of a loss.

Loss of Use Coverage Can Help with Expenses

If your home is damaged by a covered loss, you may need to move out during the reconstruction period.  This typically covers the cost to rent a home or hotel for a specific period.  Coverage can also include the cost of food and other personal expenses. The coverage will have a specific limit that can be added to your homeowner’s insurance policy.

  • Cost of temporary housing, such as a hotel
  • Credit check fee associated with renting a temporary residence
  • Cellphone overages incurred as a result of losing a landline
  • Cost of increased mileage to your place of employment
  • Cost of setting up utilities in your temporary home
  • The increased cost of meals

How To File A Claim

  • Keep all receipts
  • The insurance company will evaluate your bills/receipts determine if they are covered, then provide payment.
  • Call our office or talk to your adjuster in advance to get pre-approval.
  • Many times insurers will provide an advance to help offset other expenses.


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