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California Contractors Insurance

Contractors Need The Right Kind of Insurance Construction projects depend on the special talent and skills of contractors.  Contractors are part of our thriving economy. For many artisan contractors, the most cost effective and efficient way to obtain property and liability coverage is with a Business owners Policy (BOP) especially tailored to their needs. Although…

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All Business Insurance Policies Are Not The Same

All Business Insurance Policies Are Not The Same Why You Need An Insurance Review Every California business, at some time, should have their business insurance reviewed by an independent insurance agent like Dahlmeier Insurance. If it has been more than a year since your last review, now may be a good time. We review all…

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How To Reduce California Workers’ Compensation Costs

Is your company interested in reducing operating expenses and California workers’ compensation insurance costs over the long term? Most California firms should concentrate on safety and loss prevention, as it provides the best return on investment. Dahlmeier Insurance Agency can provide your firm with insurance options for your workers’ compensation needs. An effective safety program…

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Change Your Hiring Philosophy

Even though it is our philosophy that all accidents are preventable, there still remains the fact that Workers’ Compensation claims do occur. The goal should be to discover the “root cause” and develop a pattern of reduced claim numbers and claims costs from year to year. Often the immediate response is to find fault in…

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