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Crazy Things Home Insurance Usually Covers

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You may believe that home insurance is only useful in the event of a natural disaster. If your home is damaged by a fire, hurricane, or flood, your insurance should cover the costs. However, whether there is a natural disaster or not, there are many times when you can use your home insurance coverage. We…

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Living With Disasters In California

There is no question living in California has many advantages including; the weather, beaches, and many other fun activities. But there are also risks like wildfires, floods, and earthquakes that make it important to have the right kind of personal insurance.  How To Prepare For The Next Disaster There are many actions you can do…

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Are You Hiring A Contractor?

Last year in the State of California, the State Contractors License Board arrested over 100 people posing as licensed contractors, when in fact these individuals did not have proper licensing or insurance.  They were offering plumbing, HVAC, carpentry and other services to homeowners and small businesses. This illustrates the importance of hiring a professional licensed contractor…

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What Is Loss of Use On Your Homeowners Insurance?


The recent wildfires are going to be devastating to many people. For those who have homeowner’s insurance the process of rebuilding will be eased by insurance payments to help during the recovery process. Many people think that all insurance policies are alike and there is no need to understand the different kinds of coverage afforded…

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Filing A Claim Correctly Can Save You Time And Money

Filing A Claim Correctly Can Save You Time And Money Many of our clients our experiencing tragic losses as a result of the wild fires. Out thought and prayers are with you. We offer this information as a way to help you get back on your feet. If you have a loss, knowing that your…

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Are You Prepared For Wildfires

According to the Federal Government, almost 90 percent of the wildfires in the United States are caused by humans.  We are heading into the key wildfire season, which is May through August.  Last year, the top states for wildfire damage were California, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, and Arizona. These wild fires burned over 320,000 acres,…

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California Wild Fire Season Is Approaching… Are You Prepared?

Every year, wildfires threaten people, businesses and homes throughout the US, especially those located in or near wilderness areas. The 2017 California wildfire season was the most destructive wildfire season on record, which saw multiple wildfires burning across California. A total of 9,133 fires burned 1,381,405 acres, according to the California Department of Forestry and…

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