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Is Damage to My Business Covered for Loss Resulting From a Riot?

The recent riots in most major cities has prompted us to provide some much needed information regarding commercial insurance and how it interacts with riots and unrest.

Generally speaking, damage to your building and other property due to a riot is a covered peril.  This would include fire, theft, and vandalism.  If you were forced to close your business by civil authority but had no building damage, you may be able to collect for lost revenue, depending on how your policy is written.  Remember, each policy is unique, so call our office for a review.

Property damage caused by rioting, civil commotion, and vandalism are covered under most standard commercial insurance policies.

Glass is usually part of covered property and built into base coverage, as long as it is part of a building or structure (i.e., store windows and plate glass on office fronts).  However, there may be a separate glass deductible.  In some cases, you may need to have a special glass endorsement for coverage to apply.

Businesses that are forced to shut down operations or limit hours due to rioting, vandalism, or civil commotion, and have coverage for the loss of income under business income insurance (also known as business interruption) should be covered.

What If the Fire Department Refuses to Put out the Fire?

Insurance companies generally will not deny a claim because the fire department pulled back for safety reasons.  If civil authorities limit or restrict access to a burning building, your insurance will not be jeopardized.

Final Thought

Each policy is unique and all losses are subject to your actual policy terms and conditions. Give our office a call to review your coverage. We are here to help you manage your risk.

We live in difficult financial times and making sure we save money wherever we can is very important. Having us preform an insurance review might just be what is needed to protect your assets while putting money back in your pocket.

Our professionals work diligently to understand our client’s risks, goals, culture & vision in order to develop with you a risk management program to support your mission.

Agents at Dahlmeier Insurance Agency can help you find the right insurance coverage for your specific company needs. We work with a variety of Northern California businesses, including contractors and builders, subcontractors, self-employed professionals and artisans, nonprofit organizations, job training centers, commercial farmers and agribusinesses.


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