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How Often Should I Review My Insurance Program?

Most Homeowners insurance companies will send out a reminder for a renewal of your home insurance policy when the end of the year is up for your insurance coverage. Many will also automatically renew your policy unless you call and let them know that you want to change or cancel that policy. This makes it easy for many homeowners to begin sending in the next set of payments for another year without reviewing the policy to make sure it adequately reflects their needs for the year.

Your life and circumstances can change on a regular basis, so you want and deserve insurance products that will respond to your changing needs. Personal insurance policies can change with your circumstances, but it is important to make updates and changes when your situation requires it.

Reasons to Review Your Personal Insurance

Changes in Your Circumstances. This can include a move, remodel of your home, marital status, or purchase of a boat or other high-value item.

New Insurers and Discounts.  Often, you make changes, and if we know about them, we can offer discounts. For example, if you install a home security system, there are discounts for that. In addition, new insurers frequently come on the market offering competitive homeowner insurance options. If we review your insurance, we can offer different options to you that may save you money.

The easiest way to guarantee you have adequate coverage is to evaluate your insurance policies on a regular basis. You may ensure that you and your home are appropriately insured by evaluating your policy.

If you have any concerns about your home insurance policy or would like a quote, please get in touch with us; our team of knowledgeable agents is always delighted to assist.

When you combine Home and Auto Insurance, you may also qualify for extras like single deductibles (when your home and car are damaged as a result of the same event), emergency lockout coverage, accidental death benefits, and airbag replacement from accidental deployment.

Contact a representative at Dahlmeier Insurance Agency, Inc. to learn more about the benefits you can receive by combining your home and auto policies.


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