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Communication Is Key To Any Relationship

We live in the greatest age of communication. Today there are more ways to connect with each other than at any other time in history.  For example, we have access to personal cell phones, email, web pages, videos, social media, traditional mail, and more. So why don’t you and your independent insurance agent communicate more often? And, when you do communicate with your agent, what kind and how much is communication valuable to the agent/client relationship?

Let us start by asking and answering the following question, “What kind of communication and service are you getting from your agent”? If all your agent does is send you a policy and an invoice, then your agent is way overpaid. There is so much more than an agent should be doing to educate and serve you.

  1. We ask questions about your risks.
  2. We educate you on these risks and their impact.
  3. Together we select a program that fits your needs.
  4. We continue to educate you through regular communication.
  5. Our web page offers ongoing education.
  6. If there is an important event that may affect you, we offer solutions.
  7. We send you automatic emails about every policy transaction.
  8. We provide a letter with each insured renewal package explaining coverage changes and options.
  9. Our experienced staff is able to clearly discuss issues and solutions.

Dahlmeier Insurance Agency Inc. is dedicated to providing experienced, knowledgeable guidance to families and businesses seeking new or updated car, home, farm or business insurance. Learn more about our team below or call our office at 530-342-6421.

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