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Archive for June 2018

Is Your Business Hiring This Summer?

Many businesses today offer college students the opportunity to hold a summer intern position. These can be rewarding for the college student as well as provide some help to the business. Offering paid or non-paid internships can create risk for your business. We wanted to highlight some of the business risks associated with having interns.…

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Change Your Hiring Philosophy

Even though it is our philosophy that all accidents are preventable, there still remains the fact that Workers’ Compensation claims do occur. The goal should be to discover the “root cause” and develop a pattern of reduced claim numbers and claims costs from year to year. Often the immediate response is to find fault in…

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Planning a Safe Family Vacation

We all want our family vacations to go perfectly, but even with the best intentions, things can happen.  Ticket mishaps, delays, schedule changes, auto accidents, and more can cause your vacation to be ruined. Your personal insurance program can be expanded to include travel and accident insurance. Call our office for a free review. Vacation…

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